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The best quotes of the best books



The best quotes from the books can now be found in large numbers - they are in the vast Internet - tmuschaya darkness. Sitting behind this note, I wanted to take a few of them to somehow diversify yourself and blog. But when I started to choose, the choice fell on my favorite books, which once were read, ponder obtselovany, zamusoleny.

Some - a very long time, "Scarlet Sails", "Catcher in the Rye" and "Dandelion Wine", others - "Loneliness in the net" and "I promise you" - recently. But the first still more loved, they are associated with memories of that, my old life. They are bottled heat only from a single mention of their authors.

Salinger's love is infinite, not only for style, thoughts and melancholy, but including for what went into seclusion, he settled in a remote village far from the American press, and prying eyes. It is a pity that he is no more, and he never did not write.

Alexander Green - blue dreams, many of which have remained in dreams. Remarque - long echo of the war, sadness, love, but he was far away from me than Salinger and Green. From Ray Bredberi like most "Dandelion Wine."

And it so happened that one quote could not do, because all of these authors - the best. Of a lightweight mix of ideas turned out best quotes my favorite books. Maybe someone will remember their experience, take a volume of a favorite author with bookshelf or want to buy something from the past editions. The book, as someone said of the great, the best movie theater in which is never boring.


Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine"

When a person is ... seventeen, he knows everything. When he was twenty-seven and still knows everything - that means he is still seventeen.

Sometimes ... I'm starting to think that people will seek death itself.

... I have always believed that true love defines the spirit, although the body sometimes refuses to believe it.

Whether ... the fact that you are, put an end to what you were.

...- I tell you one thing, Doug: awfully fond of the evening to go to bed! So it's a once a day there is certainly a happy ending. But then I just remember that night again and go to bed as a little lie down, all will be well again.


Ray Bradbury. "Fahrenheit 451"

There is ... a crime worse than burning books. For example - do not read them.

Shire ... open your eyes, live as avidly as if ten seconds to die. Try to see the world. He is beautiful any dream, created at the factory and paid the money. Do not ask for guarantees, do not look for the rest - there is no such animal in the world.

And ... dwarf climbed on the shoulders of a giant, sees more of it.

No .... boards and nails can not build a house, and if you do not want the house to be built, hide boards and nails. If you do not want to upset people because of politics, do not give him the opportunity to see both sides of the issue. Let him see only one, or even better - no.


Erich Maria Remarque. "Three Comrades"

.... Hard to find words when you really have something to say.

.... If you want to live, which means that there is something that you love.

Today ... be rich - it's downright profession. And it is not easy.

... Theatres, concerts, books - I almost lost a taste of all these bourgeois habits. They were not in the spirit of the times. The policy was in itself sufficiently theater, nightly shooting replaced concerts and a huge book of human need to convince more than the entire libraries.

... Nothing - that's a lot! Nothing - it is a mirror that reflects the world.


Alexander Green. "Scarlet Sails"

You must be able to close ... boring book ... leave with a bad movie ... and leave the people who do not appreciate you!

She was able to ... and loved to read, but the book read mostly between the lines, as she lived.

Kids ... do not play, and learn. They all learn, learn and never begin to live.

When a man .... the main thing - to get dear penny, easy to give this coin, but when the soul conceals the fiery grain plants - a miracle, make it a miracle, if you are able to. New soul will be with him and the new you.

Miracles ... made ​​with their own hands.


Jerome D. Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye"

"The gap in which you fly, - a terrible abyss and dangerous. Anyone who falls into it, never feel the bottom. He falls, falls without end. It happens with people who at some point in their lives began to look for what they can not give their familiar surroundings. Rather, they thought that in the familiar surroundings they do for themselves can not be found. And they stopped looking. Stopped looking, not even making attempts to find something ...... I do not want to scare you - he said finally, - but I'm quite clearly imagine how you nobly sacrificing their lives for some empty, fake it. "

"I know that he died! Well, do you think I do not know what? And still I love him! Because that person has died, it can not stop loving hell, especially if it was the best live , you know? "

"I'm from women bastard. Honestly. No, I'm not in the sense that I did not as a womanizer, although I'm pretty impressionable. Simply I like them. And they always put their bags in the middle of the passage of stupid."

"When the sun shines, is not so bad, but the sun is shining, then, only when he wants."

"Years they were seventy, or even more. Yet they enjoy life, even one foot in the grave and stood."


Elchin Safarli "I promise you"

Wisdom ... do not learn from others, it comes by itself, rising to his feet after each stroke of fate

You can not help a person ... smile sun, while he is not aware of the need for this.

A woman ... is still a woman, no matter how wise she was.

Who ... is waiting, he knows something.

Experience too ... do not learn, but they are divided - with those who want to protect from falls, from which not everyone is able to recover.


Janusz Leon Wisniewski "Loneliness in the net."

Lonely ... happens only when there is time

In the waiting room ... it is not necessary to plant any trees

male pride ... in conjunction with the impressionable becomes like a wound in the foot, which is inflamed from walking. A need to go Make paintings for sale

... Do you think that the Slavs can help the therapist? After all, they have all always know better.

His parents ... - the best proof that the division of the Germans and the Poles just the result of collusion of historians, who managed to convince entire nations

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