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study paintings

Ying Xiaoyao master @ learning oil painting is familiar with the material used by others, from the material rules to limit the learning materials, to be able to use the rules to produce the effect of their own. I graduated from junior high school began to touch the oil painting, the first time to buy the Phoenix pigments, the unknown composition of the diluent oil and toning oil.


To draw a month when the delivery of fuel as a medium with a first picture is a copy of Monet, no photos, palm big, remember that was not accustomed to the paint is always wet, do not know to wash the pen. And later he painted a still life 


first painted more than twice, do not know how to suck the oil is going on, every time after the Ukraine get to send fuel to save again ... ... 



these times be accumulated the original oil painting experience, feel, Although do not understand the oil, but thick and brush strokes have a little accumulation. After high school, the master with a buy Lucas pigments, linseed oil, triple oil, turpentine. I think a very important way is to see and then imitate, met the texture of the master painting children, try to imitate their own oil paint. 


also try some texture 


dry and wet thick and thin and hard and hard plus every other dry, control too hard, and finally did not draw out. Sophomore and master learned a period of oil painting, copy the Velas expensive branch, learned about the paint, on the oil, on the fat, try to find transparent translucent opaque use. Learn about the role of glue, the role of the base (oil), the pigment began to advanced in order to understand the ancient way of painting, their online learning to do the cream of the media, (black oil, beeswax, Damascus) 


The first little handle of the painting has not yet dyed the last red, and afterwards tried to draw it with this method. 


at this time will be able to slightly control the dry and wet soft and thin thick transparent and opaque, etc., in three times in the separate. The next holiday and the master learn to do Tanzania pull the foundation, paint. With rough practice (egg yolk watering and even watercolor paint) in Tanzania after the bottom layer of oil painting hood dyeing layer. 

Pierre Auguste Renoir Two Sisters(also known as On the Terrace) oil painting reproductions


above is my semi-self-taught oil painting process, these are very private, and in the classroom with everyone painting very different. All are voluntary from the direction of the voluntary attempt, and then there are master told this is right, then try, cycle to six months as a unit.
Experience, I am very happy not to learn oil from the classroom, no dogma, very free, more happy to know Jin Xiaoyao, gave me a lot of oil painting on the lot. He also has a lot of time to give practice.

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