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Victor Bykov about the living forest

Russian landscape school of the last century, taught in Stroganovka, vividly manifests itself in the pictures of Viktor Bykov. You consider them - and you understand, not only nobody can paint this way. Already no one will learn. A representative of a contemporary art cohort would call such a manner of painting something like "naturalistic realism". And in the same last century, they would have said quite differently - "the forest is like a living".

Moreover - his paintings not only create an incredible realism, they seem to move transparent air in huge volumes and reflect the living sun's rays. The works of Viktor Bykov delight the eye with harmonious color saturation, fresh images, transmitted by the sensations of the moods of nature.




The winter landscapes painted by this artist are especially admired. Thinly selected shades magically recreate many natural conditions: the resistance of spring frost, the crystal freshness of a snowy morning or the mysterious silence of a late winter evening. From the snow cover in the pictures Bykov blows cold dampness and the snow structure is felt. It seems, it is worth taking a closer look, and six-pointed crystals of snowflakes will become noticeable.

Michael Cheval art for sale
The paintings of this Russian artist are popular with collectors in their native homeland and are especially popular abroad. Reproductions of this talented master are in demand both in decorative design, and even in creating schemes for embroidery. It means, perhaps, that they Kush Paintings for sale surround us in everyday life. We simply do not know this, which does not prevent us from admiring them.







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