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And the Sea Fairy is dancing on the waves ...

The seas connect the coasts, the seas connect the countries, the seas connect people, no matter how far they are from each other.
And when on one shore one soul dances to the music of the heart, a soul related to it on the other side necessarily hears this melody ...


Where the sun goes beyond the edge of the universe,
Precious ruby, the sun sets,
The sky reflects in the depths of foamy
And the Sea Fairy dances on the waves.

Like an aquamarine, a marvelous look enchanting,
Turquoise wings are called at dawn,
A warm breeze gives her an easy kiss
And the surf quietly whispers its secrets.





It's all like a wave, and the soul is bottomless,
Her heart is the element and free wind.
And in the movements - then tenderness, then the cold of the storm,
Enchanted dance in azure light.

Where the sun goes beyond the edge of the universe
And from the crystal heaven streams of happiness flow,
The stars are reflected in the depths of the foam ...
Fairy in ghostly waves dream dreams.

Romanova Angelica



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