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Evgeny Boyko The ship sails on the sea, driven by the wind and wave ...


The sailboat on the sea whitens
Driven by wind and wave
There, in the distance, his expanse,
There, in the blue, his peace
Between the blue skies
And the ripples of the blue waves of the sea
With full sails
It dissolves in the distance





His companion-a free wind
He gave his dreams
I watch him with love
And dissolve with him

And secretly in my heart I wish
So that the wind drove him to you
And when you see the white sail
Perhaps, you will think of me.

Andrey Dietrich




Vladimir Kush Ascend of The Spirit


Paul Cézanne Anthony Valabregue


Autumn tea from French porcelain.

On this last Sunday evening of the passing autumn, I invite you to a cup of tea.
We serve the table in the autumn style - we pay tribute to the golden beauty.
Let the evening be cozy and warm, and the mood calm and peaceful!



Cowberry tea, autumn evening,
Outside the window is a hooligan,
Cracking logs in the fireplace, coziness ....
Cranes fly to the south.
The maples became soaked in the dark night,
The song raises the Burlatsky rains.
In the morning there is no dew on the glades,
Autumn covered the river in fogs ......





But you can look different! ....
At night, sneak up to the house,
In the dreams of a distant dream,
The rustle of silk, the bloom of brocade.
Songs of the Autumn, Hops,
Above the emerald crest of the wave.
The dawn shines with the scarlet sail,
In the autumn gardens the rennet ripens.
Festoe amber circle,
A carousel of golden rain,
On the green canvas of September ...
In the palms of lakes lie clouds.
Autumn in the city came, ringing
Silver of a cold day ...
The medal has two sides: -
Fallas of Autumn - Lament of the Moon

The most spectacular, colorful, deafening and madly brightly ending on fire Valencia holiday is, of course, Fallas.
Burns at the stake dejection, and with it all that you do not want to keep in your soul. The Valencian holiday is like a masquerade, as a collective cleansing from a monotonous everyday life. The fiesta in Valencia is almost uninterrupted - from the day of the winter solstice to the day of the autumnal equinox.

Nadezhda Felker Matveyeva








Gajoum Kal art for sale


And the Sea Fairy is dancing on the waves ...

The seas connect the coasts, the seas connect the countries, the seas connect people, no matter how far they are from each other.
And when on one shore one soul dances to the music of the heart, a soul related to it on the other side necessarily hears this melody ...


Where the sun goes beyond the edge of the universe,
Precious ruby, the sun sets,
The sky reflects in the depths of foamy
And the Sea Fairy dances on the waves.

Like an aquamarine, a marvelous look enchanting,
Turquoise wings are called at dawn,
A warm breeze gives her an easy kiss
And the surf quietly whispers its secrets.





It's all like a wave, and the soul is bottomless,
Her heart is the element and free wind.
And in the movements - then tenderness, then the cold of the storm,
Enchanted dance in azure light.

Where the sun goes beyond the edge of the universe
And from the crystal heaven streams of happiness flow,
The stars are reflected in the depths of the foam ...
Fairy in ghostly waves dream dreams.

Romanova Angelica



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