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Birthday of Santa Claus - November 18!


The official birthday of Santa Claus is usually considered on November 18. This date is timed to the onset of frost in the birthplace of the birthday boy, in Veliky Ustyug, and was chosen by the children themselves in 2005. On this day, V. Ustyug arranges celebrations, invites guests from all over the world and even organizes the reception of congratulations through a special mailbox.

Father Frost's birthday is a wonderful holiday, bringing back to childhood, giving joy to everyone - from young to old, making you dream and believe in the fulfillment of desires.



Our dear, Father Frost,
happy Birthday
And you in Veliky Ustyug
We send our congratulations.



Looking forward to meeting you,
We invite you to visit,
For you under the New Year
We decorate the Christmas tree.



Be healthy and do not get sick,
Gain strength,
To meet with you together
New Year we were able.


Pieter Aertsen paintings Australia