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A cup of coffee? / Nathan of Brutsky

Nathan Brutsky / Nathan of Brutsky


Expires the evening with gold, and fate - coffee grounds ...
How many truths in coffee with a hammer on sips we are released?
How much does not need to be said, how much important is postponed ...
Knotted life is tied, and the past is multiplied.
They wind, cut off by everyday life, our dreams and dreams,
Impressions became meager: so - neither more nor less.
Do not care and do not touch: it was all, we all know ...
Do not kiss now - smack. Do not fly anymore - we follow
On the path of indifference, along the paths of indifference.
We believe in the rules of propriety, as a deadly weapon.
Standing before the numbers, Mondays, puddles,
A little crunching with clean starched souls ...
The evening ends with gold, a cup of coffee is like a salvation.
It's a pity, the truth draws the cold, and - no more, no less ...

Irina Kornetova





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