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Edible masterpieces


Every artist is a creator for whom there are no boundaries. Someone uses traditional canvases to translate their fantasies, someone is the most ordinary paper, someone draws on human bodies, and Hungarian confectioner Judit Czinkne Poor (virtuoso) "writes" color mini-pictures and pictures on gingerbread and biscuit.


The confectioner and artist Judit Czinkné Poór can be called Leonardo da Vinci from the world of cookies, because looking at her amazing works it seems that there is no limit to what she can do with the cookies.


Judith works as a chef in a store called Mezesmanna, which specializes in baking, making sweets from caramel and decorating cakes. But Zinke has a fascinating hobby, she with great enthusiasm paints biscuits and gingerbread, creating on them the most real works of art that you have ever seen.


Using food colors instead of paints, and baking as a canvas, the virtuoso confectioner paints cute images with charming little girls, little animals, New Year's motives and not only. Her sweet paintings are so delicious that, looking at them, I want to leave them as a nice souvenir, rather than eat.



Dorit Levi art for sale

Lacy gingerbread. Author: Judit Czinkne Poor.


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