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Artist Jacek Yerka - a conductor from another world

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Artist Jacek Yerka - a conductor from another world

Polish artist Jacek Yerka, in the world Jacek Kowalski, bec Martin Beaupré paintings for sale

ame famous throughout the world for his fantasy riddles. He paints from childhood, and from the earliest days, and then even in the art academy, he had to defend his unique style: "My teachers somehow always wanted to return to reality and draw as it should: traditionally, without unnecessary fantasies" .

Yatsek succeeded in defending his vision of the world, and for more than 20 years the artist's work can be found in various publications, they are exhibited in Europe and the United States, as well as in a number of collections around the world.

The carefully traced paintings of Jacek Yerki are filled with the echo of the famous surrealists of the past - from Hieronymus Bosch and Peter Brueghel to Salvador Dali and René Magritte. But there is also some mystery in them, having solved which it is quite possible to be in another world where you can fall asleep in the middle of the forest, ships fly across the sky, and whole houses hide in the trees., it seems, managed to solve it. Try and you.

Double life.

Labyrinth of spring.

Strawberry garden.

Swimming lessons.


Winter wave.

The calendar.

The Dragon.

The array.

Tea drinking.

Keep silence.


A train.



Walk into the pond.



Budget flight.

Summer in the city.

Heavy party.

Thunderstorm in the desert.



Good night

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