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Shostakovich Prelude 5 (The Soul)

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A little in life there are such people .... PLAYER FLOWER. Music Shostakovich Prelude 5 (Soul) ..

A little in life there are such people,
 Who can you trust your soul,
 Who with every day is more reliable and relatives
 And every year more and more needed.

 A few with whom you can be yourself
 Up to gesture, before movement, to a gl Jose Cabrera paintings for sale

 With whom each breath is confidently simple,
 Just because this one is nearby.

 A few hands that stretch in trouble
 And they are ready to offer their help,
 Some people who remember you
 And in the daytime, and in the morning, and at the mute midnight.

 And how rare are those people who give up
 The last, so that only a friend does not cry,
 But here is the Lord for all reward
 Someday suddenly and in a big way ...

© Copyright: Elizaveta Shcherbakova-Lucky.
 The certificate for the publication №110060800282

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