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Herstmonceux Castle

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Herstmonceux Castle

Castle Herstmonceux (English Herstmonceux Castle), built in the XV century, is located 10 km north-east of Eastbourne.

 This is the oldest large brick building in England, built in the 15th century. Sir Roger Fiennes (Sir Roger Finnes), treasurer of the family Henry VI (the third and last king of England from the Lancaster dynasty), began to build the castle in 1441. The castle was built not for protection an Gaston De Vel art for sale

d defense, but for recreation it was built as a country house, which was unusual for that time

By 1911, when the castle was bought by Claude Lowther, it was already a ruin. Most of the restoration work was done during the lifetime of Lowther. After the death of Colonel Lowther in 1929, Sir Paul Latham made a huge contribution to the restoration work. In 1946 he sold the castle to the Admiralty, which bought land and a castle for the Royal Greenwich Observatory.


Shostakovich Prelude 5 (The Soul)

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A little in life there are such people .... PLAYER FLOWER. Music Shostakovich Prelude 5 (Soul) ..

A little in life there are such people,
 Who can you trust your soul,
 Who with every day is more reliable and relatives
 And every year more and more needed.

 A few with whom you can be yourself
 Up to gesture, before movement, to a gl Jose Cabrera paintings for sale

 With whom each breath is confidently simple,
 Just because this one is nearby.

 A few hands that stretch in trouble
 And they are ready to offer their help,
 Some people who remember you
 And in the daytime, and in the morning, and at the mute midnight.

 And how rare are those people who give up
 The last, so that only a friend does not cry,
 But here is the Lord for all reward
 Someday suddenly and in a big way ...

© Copyright: Elizaveta Shcherbakova-Lucky.
 The certificate for the publication №110060800282



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The rain comes knocking at my window,
 Slowly dropping the rain,
 Rowan in red for a long time,
 Sad, remembering about summer

Spinning, falling leaves,
 She would never return,
 And only sad words
 Autumn rain will rain softly

Let the rain tell me,
 How quickly birds fly away,
 We are only together now,
 Rain-drops, like tears, are melting away

And all that was, it passed
 And he will never return,
 And the fact that I was not lucky
 Autumn sadness will break

Here is a lonely yellow leaf,
 Persecuted by the wind,
 He is already transparent, clean,
 He leaned uncomfortably against the glass

And it will be a long time to remember
 Spring and summer, as a vision,
 But only he can not understand
 Your last moment

And he will silently listen to him
 The rain o Mary Finley Fry paintings

f autumn confusion,
 Of all the times seen
 Sad will not be impressed.

Rains, rains in the eyes il in the skies? ..
 Autumn waltz ... autumn sadness ...
 In the clouds, without a sense of balance ...
 And the look runs ... runs somewhere into the distance ...
 Rains, rains ... knocking on the window il in the soul? ..
 Silent phrases silent dialogue ...
 I will not find timid tears in my breathing ...
 And the coldness of words, is not it, an excuse ...
 Rain, rain ... foliage, or I got wet? ..
 Far world ... and in it you are far ...
 All the brightness of colors in the bustle of poblekla ...
 And do not lay feelings on canvases ...
 Natalia Grebenko