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tball club did Pirlo, Roberto Baggio and Guardiola play? Juventus? Milan? Inter? Maybe it's Barcelona]? No, no, no, and no. Everything is much more tricky. All three legendary players managed to play for a modest club from the not very large city of Brescia (also Brescia and even Brescia).

About this city, I'll tell you today.

Looking ahead I will say that I really liked the city. Therefore, there will be one more post about him.
A local garbage container.
Such a picture can be seen coming at random to one of the Broshian courtyards.
Musical-beer festival.
Cute toilets.
Almost the Colosseum.
Duomo Nuovo or New Cathedral
Duomo Vecchio or Old Cathedral
The Pallata Tower
That's what a pedestrian street should look like. This is not a hack on Pyatnitskaya.
A street in honor of a famous guy.

Cozy channel.


Ofigitelneyshee place.



Miracle bench.








Well, the old cathedral last.
Also on the topic:
- Como
- Bergamo
- Bergamo
- Milano
- Milan
- Turin
- Turin. Take two.
- Florence
- Bologna
- Rimini
- Rimini. Take two.
- San Marino

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